The Top 4 Altcoins to Invest In This 2018

Just before year ends, the internet community set their eyes into cryptocurrencies; which is particularly evident with Bitcoin’s recent slow down due to the overwhelming amount of transactions pending into the blockchain. Transaction times increased by more than 10x and most exchanges temporarily shut down due to the overload in user registrations. Even some of my good friends who rarely use the internet bought into the hype and are now bitcoin “investors”.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum may be the most popular choice for industry newbies, there are other cryptocurrencies that are showing great promise and is expected to grow notably this coming year. Here are the top 4 alternative cryptocurrencies that I am setting my eyes into for 2018:

XVG (Verge)

Verge is a fully anonymous cryptocurrency. Formerly called DogeCoinDark, Verge was built on a robust and secure platform that gives people a sense of security when making business transactions on the blockchain.

It has thousands of developers onboard its open-source community and is available on most exchanges. Since there is a very large but capped supply of Verge tokens, it is unlikely to be a candidate for a pump & dump. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, no premining was done by the Verge developers; they bought their share of tokens just like everybody else.

Just this year, it’s value increased to more by more than 10,000 times. As of this writing, XVG costs¬†$0.184661 each.


TRON was conceptualized by “The Next Jack Ma”, Justin Sun. Sharing the name of that futuristic Disney Movie is a currency that aims to create the open-source platform that will be the top choice for the global entertainment industy. After a successful ICO, TRON now has over 10m wallet users in the world, cementing itself as one of the top cryptocurrencies of choice this 2017.

Although it doesn’t cost just as much as the top coins Bitcoin and Ethereum, just a week ago, TRX has experienced a 500% rise in value, outperforming BTC and ETH that week with no signs of plunging back anytime soon. This I think, is the main reason why we should look forward to it this coming year. Just as the other currencies on this list, it is showing a great promise; garnering a huge amount of support from the crypto-community and even big investors.

As of this writing, TRX costs 0.039428

ADA (Cardano)

Cardano is a decentralised platform built in the highly secure Haskell programming language. By theory, it should be able to make transactions a lot faster and more secure than other cryptocurrencies.

What I specifically like with Cardano is that it was developed by a team of experts and has had a huge following since its inception. Though the currency is a baby in the cryptoworld, it is gaining a lot of traction and has risen its value by exponential amounts.

As of this writing, ADA costs $0.447

SP (SuchApp)

SuchApp is definitely the best token to invest in this 2018; and I’m not saying this because I am a part of the SuchApp team. I read the first whitepaper draft before I came on board and there are a couple of things that made me want to be a part of this endeavor. There will be an initial use for it once it launches, mainly for SuchApp’s business ecosystem, and it will definitely expand in the near future that even small businesses will get to use it.

The overwhelming response to SuchApp by the cryptocommunity isn’t really a surprise. You’ll find only a couple of ICOs that is backed by a product.

You may visit the ICO website here:

Remember though, to invest only what you can afford to lose. As cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, I wouldn’t advise selling your fortune and go all in on your investment, no matter how promising the returns will be.

Got any more coins to add to this list? Let me know from the comments section below.

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Rafael is a digital marketing professional and blockchain advocate from the Philippines. He is the PR & marketing director at SuchApp, founder of Upranx Digital Marketing, and a man with multiple fun and entertaining hobbies.

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