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I have been into the blockchain industry for a short while than most, but I have to say that I have learned a lot and have been passionate about it. I have worked with one of the biggest startups in the field, Smart Valor, and have performed a crucial role in promoting the ICO Summit, the biggest gathering of blockchain startups held in Switzerland last September.

I have learned a lot from our CEO, Olga Feldmeier about the industry; from how the blockchain works and its business applications. I even bought into the bitcoin hype and started making small investments (not selling for quite some time; #HODL).

Since I am now working with Smart Valor as more of a part-time consultant, I was eager to find new blockchain ventures to help grow.

One day, I was offered to be a part of the SuchApp team, but of course wasn’t interested at first until I read the whitepaper. You probably know what happened next.

Why I Was Interested

SuchApp is a gamechanger

Though not the first of its kind, SuchApp is a gamechanger; SuchApp is the all-in-one app for all types of people; from casual mobile phone users to businessmen. It has all the features that I need — Apart from being just a generic messaging app, it has it’s own financial ecosystem, 4k broadcasting capability, and it’s a social app. Compared to existing messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp, SuchApp takes the cake, no questions asked.

If you are someone I personally know, you probably are aware that I am not willing to be a part of projects that aren’t interesting for me. Well, SuchApp isn’t only interesting, I am madly hooked into it. Do I think that it’s worth investors’ money? YES. Will I be using the app? ABSOLUTELY.

If you are interested with the ICO, you may check this website out. Make sure to subscribe for updates and spread the word!

Donate Bitcoin: 3HDPszrLSiryXuHGDUo1Me49UBrof6WubP

Rafael is a digital marketing professional and blockchain advocate from the Philippines. He is the PR & marketing director at SuchApp, founder of Upranx Digital Marketing, and a man with multiple fun and entertaining hobbies.

About Me

I am a digital marketing strategist from the Philippines. I started with humble beginnings; as an SEO specialist working for a catering company. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I have now worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and working on my own business endeavors. I am a big advocate of blockchain technology, believing that it will shape the future of technology.

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