ICO of the Month: Berith

Berith, on their own words, is a decentralized blockchain based business platform in real-life. What does that exactly mean?

First off, it is definitely a business platform with a lot of weapons under its arsenal. First off is the Berith Wallet, which is already available for download. I’ve been using the app myself for over a week as of writing and I have to say that it’s simple, intuitive, and really efficient to use.

Businesses can take advantage of Berith and enter previously unreached markets through the use of the blockchain. I know I already said “intuitive” on the last paragraph, but I’ll say it again. You don’t even have to understand how the blockchain works to take advantage of its functions. Your day-to-day operations will exponentially be easier and you can reward your customers with cryptocurrency.

It’s not specifically for non-blockchain people though. Berith will have ICO listings under it, and people who have the wallet needs to do the KYC just once. This solves the problem of having to submit KYC documents to every ICO that you invest in and increasing the risk of your identity being compromised due to submitting your personal information in all places. For me, this is the game changer, and I look forward to seeing how this project grows in the future.

Berith’s Token, BRT along with Bitcoin, ETH, and other ERC20 will initially be held by the wallet, and there are plans to support other cryptocurrencies later on. Another thing that separates Berith from the rest is that it uses state of the art encryption and a really secure private key system, making it virtually hack-proof. I’ll say it boldly, Berith will kill MEW really soon. Berith runs on its own blockchain which is 5x faster than ETH and definitely a lot faster than Bitcoin.

Before we wrap up, I’d also like to highlight Berith’s smart pay, which is a user-centric payment system that is really useful both for consumers and business owners. It has everything you need on a payment system, from making totally unmanned payments to sales analytics.

Just to simply summarize everything, it accomplishes a lot of things in a clever fashion. I am positive that everything will go as they planned as they already have an MVP and they’re doing pretty well, generating buzz on and offline.

Donate Bitcoin: 3HDPszrLSiryXuHGDUo1Me49UBrof6WubP

Rafael is a digital marketing professional and blockchain advocate from the Philippines. He is the PR & marketing director at SuchApp, founder of Upranx Digital Marketing, and a man with multiple fun and entertaining hobbies.

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