How Homebased Freelance Workers Can Take Advantage of the Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the talk of the town today. You will never find a day in your life when you’ll browse your Facebook feed and not see a single post related to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

This technology, though not exactly new, has disrupted the internet as we know it. There is a long list of things on how distributed ledgers (the concept behind blockchain) and the blockchain technology can help freelancers and homebased workers, but perhaps the most important would be these two:

Job Opportunities

Although cryptocurrencies have been existing for 8 years, it is just for the last 2 years that the industry has had major popularity; opening new job opportunities for remote workers, such as digital marketing professionals and virtual assistants.

There are a lot of digital marketing job opportunities in the blockchain industry. From community managers, ICO Advisors, PR managers, and a lot of familiar titles, there definitely will be a job that will suit your skillset. Since the technology is powered by the internet and almost the entire business relies on online presence, it requires just the same amount of online exposure as any other online business, except that it requires a bit of education on how the technology works.

A Revolutionary Way to Receive Payments

Paypal is still the top payment method for freelance workers, but it isn’t really reliable. I personally have been locked up of my own Paypal account 2 times for the last 7 years. Although I was able to recover my money after 180 days on my first account, I wasn’t as lucky on the 2nd. I have lost a lot of money due to some user term loopholes and a bit of negligence.

Also, some countries like Turkey are not catered by Paypal, so you’ll lose a client opportunity in case they live in a territory that isn’t able to transact through them.

Transacting on the blockchain is a bit more secure (and anonymous) if you know how to secure your digital wallet. It is just as fast as getting paid on Paypal and you’ll feel confident that your money stays in there as long as nobody else has access to your digital wallet.

it takes a lot of learning and experience to be fully adjusted to this [blockchain] new technology.

Like your journey when you first started working from home though, it takes a lot of learning and experience to be fully adjusted to this new technology. If you need a primer on how blockchains are used for business, this course on EdX is a good material to start with. You may opt to skim the course for free or get a verified certificate for $99.

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Rafael is a digital marketing professional and blockchain advocate from the Philippines. He is the PR & marketing director at SuchApp, founder of Upranx Digital Marketing, and a man with multiple fun and entertaining hobbies.

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