How to Format a Facebook Post Properly To Maximize Engagement from Boosts

Boosting a Facebook post is a great strategy to get a large number of website visits and likes to your page. Since the feature was rolled out on Facebook ads, we have been doing this to get high-quality and targeted traffic to our clients’ websites, as well as boost their social media presence.

We have invested thousands of dollars into testing post formats that can get the most amount of engagements, traffic, and page likes to see which headlines, post bodies, and images work very well in creating Facebook post boost campaigns.

If you can see below, the post has an outstanding engagement rate of 17%, and we have spent merely $1.53 for that. We got 24 page likes in the process, which isn’t too bad considering the little amount we invested to boost the post.
Maximize Facebook Post Engagement for $2
The numbers are amazing right? You can do this too. Just remember the following tips to maximize engagement on your Facebook post boost:

  • Create a headline that will entice your target audience to click – In this case, we put “Visit This Travel Destination For Less Than 800 Pesos a Day Per Head” as the headline. Why this works is simple; 800 Pesos, or a measly $16 usually wouldn’t get you anywhere too far from Manila. This itself is enough to capture the viewer’s interest.
  • No implicit mention of the location – If you give too much information, you wouldn’t get that much click throughs and engagements on your posts. Remember to give your viewers the element of surprise instead of giving away everything as if it’s a very short summary of the entire article.
  • The description should support the headline – Needless to say, your description should be as mysterious as the rest of the post, and shouldn’t give away too much information as well. We decided to keep it short, just for the sake of knowing if short descriptions work better than longer ones; AND THEY DO.
  • Upload a catchy image preview – While we uploaded a photo from the tourist destination, we decided not to upload a photo that points out where it is. The location we are referring to is The Gingerbread House, one less-popular, but really good travel destination that is located around 2 hours from Metro Manila. Take note that no photo of the main attraction, which is the house, was in the image preview.

If you would like to try this out yourself, take note that it is fairly easy and takes a little practice. Just unleash that creative person in you, and you should be able to achieve the same results.

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