About Me

A Digital Marketing Expert, Blockchain Enthusiast, ICO Advisor, and More...

Rafael Deramas is one of the Philippines' top digital marketing experts and blockchain entrepreneurs. He has co-written 16 e-books in digital marketing and has spoken for a couple of IT conferences in the country.

Rafael has been growth-hacking for over a decade. In 2011, Rafael founded Search Engine Primacy which was eventually called Upranx Digital Marketing; a full-service agency that provides cost-effective online marketing for small to medium scale businesses.

In 2017, Rafael has also been involved in some of the top projects in the blockchain field; SuchApp and Smart Valor.


What's Keeping Me Busy?

CEO and Founder - Upranx Digital Marketing

CEO and Founder - The Vaping Brotherhood

APAC Workgroup Leader - Blockchain Advisory Council

PR & Marketing Director - SuchApp

Channel Partner - Shreyan Advisory