5 Things To Remember To Ensure That Your SEO Campaign Is Bound For Success

Although some parts of this post may not exactly be new for everyone, a lot of people are asking me how I make my SEO campaigns successful. These are the things that you should remember to ensure that you’ll get amazing results from your SEO campaign:

  1. Find the right links, get them at the right time
    Remember that a good link isn’t always a link from a page with high PR — it is just the tip of the iceberg. You have to find websites that are related to what you offer. Google’s algorithm update every now and then, so getting bad links could result into a penalization maybe not today, but soon enough.

Also, timing is important. Once you find a potential spot for getting a precious link, do not take it right away. If you read my blog 2 years ago, you’ll know what I mean. I posted something about natural-looking linkbuilding, and I have to tell you, it still works.

  1. The longer the keyword/s, the easier it is to rank for
    The longer, the better (pun not intended). Although you could be tempted with high keyword search volumes, optimizing for a short keyword isn’t recommended especially at the early stages of your SEO campaign.

The trick is just to optimize your website for multiple and more specific keywords rather than optimizing for the shorter but general ones. Most likely, you’ll rank faster with a dozen keywords with 10 searches a amonth than for 1 keyword with 120. Eitherway, you’ll end up with the same number of potential visitors. Also, for most search terms, shorter means less specific, and less specific is pointless. That’s 2 birds in 1 stone for you.

  1. SEO is a good traffic source, but so is social media
    Yes, SEO is a great traffic potential, but aren’t you curious how some websites get a ridiculous amount of traffic without ranking for anything? Social media. Let’s face it; most SEOs only consider Google search and use Facebook just to stalk their crushes and communicate with their friends. Little do they know that as of January 2014, Facebook already has 1.23 billion users while Twitter has ~1 billion.

While SEO specialists actually know what to use when searching for products (selling websites and search engines), most people don’t and they look for things on social media. It has become not only a tool for crush-stalking but for getting potential traffic and sales while you wait for your SEO campaign to bear fruit.

  1. SEO is NOT all about links
    Getting 500 links is great, yey! Well, yes and no(see #1). While timing and getting the right links are very important, another thing that you should remember is that your SEO campaign shouldn’t entirely rely on link building.

It is important to check your overall website’s SEO stats. Is your sitemap updated? Do you have broken links? Are title tags set up properly?

Every once in a while, make it to a point that you’ll audit your website to ensure that everything is in good shape. While links still is the most popular search ranking factor, there are on-page aspects of your website that could bring your campaign down if not properly optimized.

Which brings us to the final tip,

  1. Create content for people, not for search engines
    Although this one has been mentioned a thousand times across the internet, this is probably the number one pitfall of an SEO Campaign. Even if you have good links, a good set of keywords, the right mindset and patience, your campaign is about to go down once you make the mistake of overpowering your content with keywords and bad grammar. Search spiders, though they technically are just virtual robots, aren’t exactly that stupid. Over the past few years, search engines have developed algorithms to detect poorly written articles and they have a virtual trashcan for spam, which, you probably know, is the dreaded Google penalization.

People on the other hand, are more advanced than search spiders. They filter what goes in and what goes out of their web browsers. If your content is nothing but (excuse me for the word) crap, and they’re not returning to your website again. Even if you are ranking number 1 on a specific keyword, people won’t visit your website ever again so try to make your content as interesting as possible.


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