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Budget Travel: Kaybiang Tunnel Maragondon, Cavite

Opened in July 1, 2013, Kaybiang Tunnel is the Philippines’ longest tunnel connecting Maragondon’s Patungan Cove and Nasugbu. While there is a common misconception that the tunnel is in Ternate since it has no road connecting to Maragondon’s mainland, the area actually is a part of Maragondon.

Image Courtesy of BOYPLAKWATSA

Though it sits in a really far region of Cavite, Kaybiang Tunnel actually is frequented by tourists, car and motor clubs, runners, bikers, and families that are looking for a cheap weekend travel destination. On the way to the tunnel, you will be dazzled with a good view of the Manila bay (the clean part) and you’ll be surprised that Cavite has some really amazing beaches where you can go for a weekend swim.

The popularity of Kaybiang Tunnel has led to an urban legend that the tunnel actually takes you to another dimension; a town named “Barrio Aswang”. No one can confirm this though, and I don’t believe it either since I conveniently live just 20 minutes from Kaybiang tunnel for 3 years now and I have never seen anyone flying from there up to this point.

You can reach Kaybiang tunnel by travelling to Governor’s drive then turning left to Nasugbu-Ternate highway (at the intersection in front of the Ternate Municipal hall) if you are coming from Manila. I am not quite sure if it is accessible to any form of public transportation, but if you are planning to go there via tricycle from the bus terminals in Sapang, Ternate, prepare to pay for a hefty fee to the tricycle drivers.

There are some spots where you can hang out after a few kilometers of passing Kaybiang tunnel. Sadly though, the beaches in Patungan Cove are now owned by someone named “Virata” and is no longer accessible to the Public. You can however, visit the Marine Base or “Boracay De Cavite”, which is a marine-base with a really stunning beach resort.



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