Top 5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

SEO isn’t a technical industry at all. Everyone can learn how to be in the trade as long as they get the right information from the right people. Being the generous guy that I am, I would like to share some common SEO misconceptions that you will most likely hear from your future clients.

1. “If I’m ranked first in Google, then I should get more sales!”
A lot of online businessmen often think that prestige placements get more leads. Even if you are at the first position, your customer will still decide if they will make a purchase or not. You should make your website marketable for people to buy your product. Most websites placed on #2 or #3 even get more sales than the first ranking page since they have more competitive prices, better product descriptions, customer support, and so on.

2. “SEO is a never ending process”
Some SEOs say this, but I actually disagree. I have seen some sites and pages who had no linking activity for over a year, and they are still on number 1. The main reason why this concept was materialized is that SEO companies would likely want to retain you as their client. If it doesn’t make sense, try it out for yourself. Build 100,000 links for a year and stop. After that, just update your posts regularly with quality content and see if your site won’t rank. Once you are receiving natural links, it won’t take long before your site can self-sustain its rankings.

3. “Only high traffic keywords sell”
Think again. Some people are really desperate and asks Google, “Where can I find a damn car?” Well, that was the last thing that I searched, and there came results. Even eHow utilizes this concept. How to articles are not searched all the time, but they surely generate a lot of traffic given their wide array of how to articles from making the stupidest stuff to recreating Einstein inventions.

4. “Make those images all text, we can get more keyword density from that”
If you are wise enough, you are making content for the users, and not for the search engines, you need to decorate your site at some point to make it interesting to the viewer’s eyes. If you would resort into making your content all search engine friendy and an eye sore to the common user, you might as well ask the search engine to buy your products or to click your ads, because your website’s visitors probably won’t.

5. “Nofollow links are useless”
At least for search engine rankings, but as for page indexing and crawling, it is actually effective, not to mention the amount of traffic that it could generate. Digg won’t be living up to now if nofollow links are totally useless. So it is important to utilize not only the dofollow link sources, but to consider posting links on nofollow sites as well for a greater traffic potential. Remember that there has been a myth that traffic is one of the top search engine factors, which I believe is true.

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